What is a good Cigar?

Вторник, 04 Мая 2010

I visit many cigar shops and talk to many cigar enthusiasts, and one question that I am always asked is: What makes a good cigar?


It is a difficult question to answer, but I will try to answer it.


First a good cigar must have good tobacco, it must have a balanced blend, and the taste should be multidimensional.


The process of smoking a good cigar, starts many years before you actually light the cigar. It starts with the preparation of the soil, where the tobacco plant will grow.


The soil should have all the necessary ingredients for the tobacco plant to grow healthy. Later, the process continues with the fermentation and aging. The fermentation process ensures that the ammonia evaporates so that the true characteristics and taste of the tobacco leaves can be perceived correctly.


Later, the blending of the different types of tobacco that will make the cigar is essential. If too much of a specific tobacco is used, or too little of a specific tobacco is used, the taste will be compromised.


After the cigar is made, another important element is the aging of the cigar or “Reposo”.  This is where all the flavors of the different tobaccos are married in order to create a smooth taste.


But even after all these elements are done correctly, the best cigar is the one you like.