Welcome on the Cigar Clan blog!

Среда, 03 Февраля 2010
Dear aficionados,

Welcome on my Cigar Clan blog.


As a regular contributor, I will give you all types of information directly from the very heart of the cigar industry and of the cigar science.

Trying always to remain concise but concrete, I will target my interventions toward trying to transmit you the ambiances and feelings I - or we - might have and see while working in our wonderful cigar world.

I will do this with the unique goal to develop the nice culture we live in and the pleasure of cigar tasting. How to undestand, appreciate and get into the real secrets of the cigar science? What is transplantation, fermentation, blending, etc.? How do we live this in production? What is happening in the cigar shops, the cigar lounges and cigar parties around their world?


As cigar producer, brand owner and globetrotter, I will share with you some of the insides of our wonderful passion.

I hope we will develop a relationship that will help you discover more about the world of cigars, the persons behind, our love and our dedication.

May all this also give you a modest tool to understand better the nice world of cigars and, above all, to appreciate the cigars better and therefore taste them with more depth and... with more love.


Join me in this wonderful journey.


Warm regards,

Didier Houvenaghel