Thank you for Big Smoking with me!

Понедельник, 15 Февраля 2010

I am back in warm Miami after a great visit to Russia to participate in the Cigar Clan 2010 winter Big Smoke. My wife Alina and I travel from Miami to St. Petersburg on January 30 and to Moscow in February 2 and return to Miami on February 7.



In Saint Petersburg in addition to visit the State Hermitage museum and some of the beautiful cathedrals, I visited some cigars stores, including Churchill Cigar Store were I had the opportunity to spend time with the owner Igor and talk about the Oliveros Cigars and share stories from our factories in Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.


In Moscow, I made a presentation at the Big Smoke about the Nicaraguan Tobacco Industry and about the history and evolution of the Oliveros Cigars, as well as a tasting of the Oliveros King Havano Jester Claro and the Oliveros Eight Zero Robusto. The King Havano line is manufactured in Nicaragua blending only Havano seeds grown in Nicaragua. This Nicaraguan cigars is bold with rich and complex flavors but well balance and refined taste. The Eight Zero Anniversary Edition is made in Honduras using a blend Honduran, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican and Dominican Cuban Seed tobaccos. The rich and oily Honduran wrapper delivers a stunning complexity flavor. This cigar has balance and complex character.


The night of the Big Smoke party was very special and it was a great opportunity to meet many cigar enthusiasts and discuss the new blends and new releases of the Oliveros cigars.


My experience in Russia was fantastic, specially the food and the opportunity to spend time with many friends. Thank you Cigar Clan for the opportunity. I also would like to give thanks to Gregory from NTK, our Oliveros Gold Series distributor, to Igor from Churchill Cigars, and to Katerina, Natalia and Artashes, from Cigar Clan for their hospitality and friendship.


Thank you!


Rafael Nodal


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