My first entry for Cigar Clan blog

Вторник, 05 Июля 2011

Dear Cigar friendly people,


My name is Hendrik Kelner ( jr)  for the last 18 years I’ve worked for  Tabadom , a vertically integrated company that grows , ferments and ages it’s own tobacco, producing cigar brands such as  Davidoff , Avo , Griffin’s , Zino Platimun, Paul Garmirian, Cusano , etc.






It’s an honor for me to be a part of the Cigar Clan Blogs. I’ll do my best to share some inside factory info on new cigars, tobacco processes, the magic of aging tobacco as well as revive memories of great cigars we’ve made in the past. Also it would be of great importance for me to get some feedback from all of you on the subjects that you wish to know about so we can make our blogs more interesting for all of us.


It’s my first entry for Cigar Clan blog, so this time I would not go into the lengths of describing some of the unique tobacco processes we go through to ensure the quality of our cigars. Today, simply I’d like to encourage you , the cigar enthusiastic people of the world, to try the new Davidoff Limited Edition 2011, this cigar will be available at the IPCPR in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I don’t want describe it in full so you can discover it yourselves, but I must say that  it offers a very complex taste, rich yet very well balanced and smooth, this cigar will never bore anyone , it’s the kind of cigar that once you start to smoke you can’t let go, a real pleasure to smoke.