In heaven with a cigar

Среда, 06 Октября 2010
Localized 4* South in the Indian Ocean just off the African coast, the Seychelles archipelago is considered a heaven on Earth... This group of islands is a truly magic environment. The perfect weather, the creole culture or the nature beauties are elements that make you feel in a very special place...


As other Islands from the Caribbean and the Antilles, the Seychelles have a deep creole identity. Hearing the French pidgin gives a real touch to the Island. The local culture and mixity express the values of multicultural diversity. You can definitely feel it in the tastes of the food, the depth of the music or the warmth of the dance.

Truly synonym of heaven, the Seychelles Islands have numerous breath-taking perfect white sand beaches. The granitic mountains and rocks gives the landscape wonderful charms and interesting specificity. Also, and this is a real richness, you can find a fantastic biodiversity on the lands and in the sea. Again, a multitude of endemic species makes you feel in a special ecosystem, a place very much cherished by nature…

So the Island represents the passion for authentic pleasures and the reality of unique beauty...
Do you see the parallel with cigars?

You think I found some treasure on this Island? Yes... Moments of internal peace and fraternal exchanges around good cigars, rounded by those ocean and land beauties...

Here are two pictures

Julieta and I at Anse Turquoise




Great beach for a fantastic cigar! As you can see the Julieta has no Anno VI band but just the Nicarao band. This was a 2004 vintage Nicarao Clasico Julieta.
The aging developped a smoother balance, a bit less strength and already some interesting touches of typical old creamy tastes... Woaw!
Not to mention, good burning.



Rodolfo and I in a mini Moke




A little ride with the legendary Mini Moke car! Accompanied by a appreciable Nicarao Exclusivo Rodolfo... Magic combination. Even with the air blowing everywhere due to the specificity of the car, the combustion of this maduro was very nice. And tastes brought me to heaven!

As you can see, the combination of cigars and Seychelles is pretty exciting...
And I still have some days left...
But will I have enough cigars?

Warm regards.