Don Alejandro, Amigo Eterno*

Пятница, 14 Мая 2010


Since you have left this World.

The essence of our cigars reveals an odd flavour.

They are strange.

Have a taste of sadness.

An aroma of absence.


But beyond some of its frustrations, you showed us how Life is nice

And along the path you taught us how to understand it

Then our memory projects scenes of joy in the actual mourning

And this perfume of Life dilutes the lingering odour of Departure

Our sorrow timidly fades away


From now on, if we perceive a funny new taste in a cigar

It will probably be a message from the Pantheon of great Men

Because if such an assembly exists, you are certainly there

And – of course – you must still be thinking about soils, plantation, irrigation

Harvest, drying, fermentation, rolling and tasting


Precisely, right now you most likely must be discussing about the last crops and their future cigars

And you will perhaps forever do and seize all opportunities to share a new thought or a new idea

But also – and please – make finally the most of your time, quietly, with depth and calm

Far away from the thousands visits and the millions flashes

In the warmth of your wisdom and with the vigour of our gratitude


In this eternal serenity that took you away

May you find the true peace of the Just and of the Nice

Don Alejandro, Amigo Eterno


* In Spanish: “Don Alejandro, Eternal friend”



Didier Houvenaghel