Be a patriot, smoke a cigar in the USA

Пятница, 02 Апреля 2010

In an interview, a good friend of mine was asked, “Who is your main competitor” and he responded “The United States Government”.


The interviewer could not understand, he was expecting another answer, maybe Padron, or Fuentes or Oliveros, but not The US Government!


The answer was correct, these days the US government keeps imposing unfair and exuberant taxes to cigars and other tobacco products, in addition to prohibiting smoking in restaurants, bars and in some public places. Little by little the country that represented liberty and individual freedom, keeps taking them away from their citizens.


In some of the major cities like New York and Los Angeles, it is difficult to find a place where you can enjoy a good cigar. In New York City for example, you can view the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom, but you have to walk miles and miles to find a bar or a terrace where you are permitted to enjoy a good cigar. In the city of Los Angeles, after banning smoking from most indoor places, the local government is trying now to ban smoking in public places including parks and golf courses!


Some municipalities and cities are trying to make it more difficult for consumers to buy their favorite cigar. Some are trying to legislate laws to prohibit the display of cigars in a cigar shop or make it illegal to sell cigars with added flavors, like the Oliveros Gold Series cigars aged with Cognac.


On one hand the government is depending more and more on the tobacco taxes to bring down their budget deficits, but on the other hand they are making it more difficult to sell a legal product like a premium cigar.


If our cigar companies and cigar consumers continue to be unfairly taxed and our customers continue to have difficulties finding a place to enjoy our cigars, and we go out of business, who will pay for the government’s deficits, who will pay for the politicians’ good life? Maybe they will continue with their campaign and tax fat people or ugly people or pretty people or good tasting food or bad tasting food. (you get my point).


That is what we, as consumers and citizens of this great country, must continue to fight for our individual freedom. Remember that when you are enjoying your favorite cigar (I hope it is an Oliveros cigar) in the USA, you are really fighting for freedom, you are standing up to oppression.


Enjoy your favorite cigar (even if it is not an Oliveros). You are a cigar lover and a patriot.