A surrealistic apparition!

Суббота, 01 Октября 2011



But! What is this?


On the coasts of a delightful island.

An image along the surprises of a nice promenade.

Stands with pride in the warmth of early morning light.

Unexpected and phantasmagoric.


A surrealistic vision! An apparition?

Am I possessed? Too much Champagne?

Or is this still the reverie of too much of a wishful dream?


Concrete or abstract, true or artifice.

The vision is so pleasing. What a beauty.

Not a dream for sure, it is tangible. I can touch it.

And feel and smell, and soon taste!


A Nicarao tree!


*Не смотря на обещание выкладывать публикации в блог на русском языке, редакция сайта не взяла на себя смелость перевести поэзию Дидье Хувенагеля :)